What's handling and how does it work?

Handling involves loading, unloading, and waiting during pickup and delivery of the goods. When making a delivery, the customer is given 15 minutes of free handling time for pickup and 5 minutes per drop. The latter is charged if you wait for more than 10 minutes for the following examples:

  1. Goods not yet ready during picking
  2. Waiting to find a responsible person
  3. Long wait to load the goods, etc.

Note that handling cannot be calculated if you arrive early or late. The application will automatically calculate the time taken based on your GPS position and the status update you manually make in the app: en route, on site, delivering, etc. So be sure to use your tool properly! Any failure cannot be justified to a potential customer and we cannot add it manually.

Handling fees are automatically calculated in increments of completed 5 minutes. At the end of your delivery, you will see how much handling has been calculated.

Attention: handling must be approved by an operator, which is done manually once a day. If you do not see the handling added to the sum of the trip directly, don't panic, it will be taken into account shortly.

You will see the calculation explanation in detail. If you wish to dispute the handling time, please send us an email with justification to the following email address: help@shippr.io

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