How can I invoice Shippr for the services I have provided?

Once a month, you will receive a notification allowing you to automatically generate your invoice via the application. This invoice will be processed by our accounting team and payment will be transferred to your Stripe account in the following business days.

Don't have a Stripe account yet? Follow the tutorial:

In your profile in the Shippr application, click on "Create my Stripe account" and follow the instructions.

Once configured, Stripe verifies the data - this may take a few minutes. You will be notified by email.

Once your Shippr account is connected to Stripe, you have access to your dashboard, which includes:

  • your bank account information,
  • the list of transactions from Shippr,
  • the amount you will receive in your next payment,
  • your invoices.

Note: this step is imperative for any Shippr service provider wishing to continue collaboration. Without connection to Stripe, your account will unfortunately be suspended.

Why do I need a Stripe account to get paid?

We have implemented this system to facilitate and automate your payments. In this way, we significantly reduce the processing of your invoices while standardizing the data in order to better serve you.

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